When redesigning my website, I stumbled across a really handy website for designers. It’s called Coolors, and is an automatic color scheme generator. I used the desktop version because it’s free (duh), but there is an iOS app you can purchase for about $2 as well as an Adobe Add-on and Chrome extension.

Coolors iOS App

The usability is really, really simple which I think is great because it allows anyone to use it. On the desktop version, you just pull up the generator and press the spacebar to create a new color scheme. You can even set up an account and save any that catch your attention.

What I think is the most useful part of this site is the ability to lock colors and it generates other colors that go with the one you locked (this reminded me of Yahtzee). When it generates colors, it supplies their hex code as well as the option to display their RGB, HSV, or CMYK codes or their name in Pantone, Copic, or Prismacolor.

Coolors web app generation screen

The site also offers the ability to enter any hex code and it will generate color schemes around that one.

I found this web app to be extremely useful for me as a designer and I will definitely be using it again in the future.

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