As a designer, design obviously has an impact on my every day life. I work for the iDesk and my main responsibility is to design the Daily News here at Ball State, so I’m using it constantly. I have noticed that as I’ve been using it more and more, I’m also noticing how design is used in everything. For me, it is mostly print and web design because that’s what I work with, but I also take note of how it is used in architecture and other aspects of life.

What does design mean to me?

To me, design is more than just how things are made to look. It affects my attitude towards whatever it is I’m analyzing the design of. For example, if I visit a badly designed website, it makes me question their authenticity or if I see a badly designed logo for a company, it makes me want to steer away from their services. I notice that I analyze the use of typography quite often. I’m a firm believer that all typefaces have their specific purposes and when they are used all willy-nilly it throws off the attitude or feeling that the design gives off.

Where do I draw my inspiration?

I draw a lot of my inspiration from various accounts I follow on Instagram and Pinterest. Here is a news account I follow on Instagram that I gain a lot of inspiration from for little illustrations and social media design: The Lily on Instagram

My Pinterest feed is also full of nearly design alone, so I am always seeing new ideas on there. I have created several boards where I save my favorites so I can go back through there when I’m in a slump (usually after working on the newspaper for hours on end). You can see my design boards here: Design, Newspaper, Sports, Fonts, Web

Side note: for some reason, my media would not upload so I’m working on figuring that end out.


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