This design has a good use of proportion. The two photos are are the same size which makes them have the same weight. The charts on the sides are the same size and so are the two parts of the headline. The two columns at the bottom of the page are also equal, which makes them have the same proportion and keeps the whole page very proportional.



This design has a strong use of contrast. The bold outline of black around the already high-contrast photo adds an element of darkness to the white space-heavy page. The whole page being nearly in just black and white creates a strong contrast all over because these two colors are inherently the ones with the highest contrast possible. The small size of the text is also contrasted by the large photo size.



This design uses rhythm to create a fan-type look around the ball. The lines are all exactly the same and are repeated around the ball. This line design is also repeated in the players in the middle of the page. Their clubs are all up and follow a line of motion, just like the lines around the ball.



This design uses balance as its main design principle. The white line down the middle divides the symmetrically balanced photo in half. The headline is also pretty much symmetrical on either side of the stripe. The deck and copy balance each other out, creating a symmetry there even through the font sizes are different.



This design uses harmony to create one whole design. The use of three colors brings the whole design together through repetition. Within these photos, the subject matter is all very similar which also brings it all together. The big 40 in the center of the photos also ties all the photos into one design because it’s central to all of the different photos.



This front page creates focus with the use of color and contrast in the yellow lemon and green garnish. Everything else is pretty much black and white, so the pops of color bring the eye there first. The fish is also an organic shape while everything else on the page is pretty much geometric, so this also creates a focal point. The lines all point towards the pan and fish too, which makes the eye look there first.



This design uses unity to bring it together. The repetition in the red ties everything together well. The cutouts at the bottom being repeated also creates unity. The text around the circle creates unity because its repeated around the whole circle. The headline matches the smaller headline with the player’s name which gives the design unity too.


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