Here’s some examples of the six design elements being used in creative advertising; Take a peek:

This is a great example of how texture can be used in design. The appearance of layers of paper gives the overall design a lot of dimension. There is also the addition of texture in the flower popping out of the hole in the paper. It is also made of paper, but has a crunchy look instead of the flatness of the rest of it. The product in the center has the most dimension because it is the only element with a shiny texture so it really pops out.


This advertisement is not only very creative, but it is a great example of the use of direction. The appearance of the letters being blown off the page gives it a lot of movement and action. The leaf blower is made to be the clear source of the movement, so it is where the direction comes from. The top of the blower pointing towards the body copy makes the viewer look at the movement of the design.


This design uses a clear line. The wine pouring from the bottle is a good way to get across the message of a map. The line it creates is kind of a cross between the shape of the actual map and the line the real wine would create. This line also does an excellent job of directing the eye from the text on the bottle to the text on the glass.


This advertisement uses value to get the message across. The darker portions of the toast are burnt, and as a sunblock ad, it gives the message of burnt skin. The lack of this darker value leaves the name of the product in the lighter color, which shows what the product will do. This is a very clever way to use tone in an advertisement for sunblock, because usually you would think to use a person’s skin instead of toast.


The use of space in this design creates a shape of a person. the black shapes are surrounding an area of white, which creates the shape of a woman. The black shapes being hands really gets the message across well and is a very good way to promote their stance. The white space is almost completely enclosed by the black, which I think is also a good use of space to get the message of confinement across.


This design uses shapes to create another shape, much like the above example does with space. The fork and knife are aligned to make the shape of the Coke bottle. The use of all red is perfect for the brand, and the white shapes really stand out against it. The shapes of the utensils don’t look really much different, but yet they are able to create an obvious bottle between them in the white space. The label/name on the bottle really helps the shape stand out clearly as well.

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