I want to use this design as inspiration for my color use. It keeps it simple, but still portrays an element of seriousness for the topic. I also like how it adds in elements of ways to get help because I do think that an infographic about sexual assault should include those elements so people know what they can do and where to get help. I also like how this design includes the reverse type because it really calls out those facts and lets viewers see the most important facts first and then they can read more information about each of those statistics.



In this design, I like their use of line drawings as visual elements. I want to try and use this same concept for my design because it allows an image to be added to the design but keeps it simple enough that it doesn’t call out any individuals. I want to try and use this for my bell tower so that it doesn’t call out any specific campus by using an actual photo. I also thing the lines keep the images simple enough that they do not take away from the statistics, which are the most important part of the graphic.




With this design, I like their use of type. I like the font combination and how it works with their images and information. I also like the design of their charts because they use a kind of hybrid between a pie chart and a bar chart and I want to try something like this for one of my statistics. I also like how they have the repetition of the circles throughout because I feel like it ties the whole thing together and I want to create this type of repetition in my design as well.




I like how this graphic uses the image as part of their design so well. I want to try and combine my charts and my images so that everything is as cohesive as this one is. I like how, like the previous graphic, this one uses a common shape throughout. I think the circles in the octopus’s tentacles make the viewer look at the image as well as the information that’s in those bubbles and then also ties that information to the circles of statistics at the top of the page.




I like how this design uses the little people. I wanted to do this in mine, but I had not thought to do a big group of them. I had planned on doing a line of a few and then having one filled with a different color, but I like the impact of seeing more people and then putting the statistic over it. I might end up trying both methods in my design and choosing which works better with my overall piece.

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