After getting into podcasts, I went on the search for an app to use. I found one that is very simple and easy to use which is always a plus. It’s called Breaker and is a free subscription service for podcasts.

Search screen for podcasts as well as recommended shows based off of my Twitter account.

With this app, I was able to find the podcast I recently got into, ‘99% Invisible’, and now it is readily available on my phone. It works like a music player, which is perfect for mobile listening.

The podcast I am currently listening to, ‘99% Invisible.’

Once I get more into listening to podcasts, I will probably subscribe to more on here, but for now all I have is the above. Since it is connected to social media, users can share what they’re listening to, which if used correctly can spark a conversation and lead more people to listen to podcasts which will expand their market and lead them to become a popular medium.


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