What is it?

I downloaded the app Workflow to try out for a while. In this app, you can add a widget to your drop-down menu on your iPhone or iPad that gives you space for customizable actions. It also can be used on the Apple watch. There are some given actions when you download the app, but there is a ton of freedom to create your own as well. You can decide what each action, called a “workflow”, is named, what it does and even what it looks like on the drop-down menu (color and icon). The app seeks to curate your most-used actions/workflows into one easy-to-use place on your phone that can be reached from anywhere.

This is what a portion of the app and the widget looks like on the iPhone.

My reaction/thoughts

I found this app via a Google search for new and exciting apps for iOS and it was featured on a list of top-rated apps, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I found that I used a workflow that I created the most. I am always adding new events to my calendar, so I created a shortcut to do this through the widget and I actually used it a lot. However, I didn’t get into using it for much more than this. I plan to keep the app and see if I can create more useful workflows for me to use in the future, but I felt like some of them were almost just as easy to go into the app itself and do. For example, there was a “post latest photo to Instagram” option that I tried to use once but did not like at all. For things like that, I will probably stick to using the native app on my phone.

I would suggest this app to others because of how it can be personalized to work for anyone. I think the option to create your own workflows gives it a huge advantage to comparable apps because not everybody needs the same things for their day-to-day phone use.

Some options for workflows that can be created in the app and added to the widget in the drop-down menu.

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