Color, hierarchy and space in design

Here’s a few inspirational pieces I found that I’ll use when doing the news redesign project:

This layout uses space in an interesting way that creates a different page design. The way the photo is cropped with the angle creates motion within the layout and the text that aligns with the photo adds to the interesting design. The white space is used well and creates balance on either side of the spread. The hierarchy is clear because of how large the headline is and how it is a focus of the design by overlaying the photo. The entire page (including the photo) is in black and white except for the touches of red, which makes those parts of the design pop and draw attention to the headline and the photo.

This design uses white space to create an open and airy page. The expanded space between each element gives the whole layout plenty of room to breathe. The hierarchy is created by the differences in font sizes. The rule line between the deck and the teases (or whatever is there – I can’t really tell what it is) creates a division between the headline and everything else on the spread, which also helps create the hierarchy. The lack of color gives the layout a very minimalistic feeling. Everything is black and white and the photo is very neutral in color. However, the small amount of color that is in the photo lets it grab the readers attention and also helps create the hierarchy of the page because it is one of the most important elements.

This bold design’s use of typography as a major element creates the hierarchy. Since “if” has its own page, it is clearly the first thing to grab the readers’ attention. It is also the lead-in to the rest of the headline, so it has a good flow to the next page. From there, the hierarchy goes down the page by font size and placement. The use of white space. The white space is continued on the right page but there is balance created by the little black circle and darker colors in the shadows of the leaves. There is not much color in this spread, but I don’t think it would be as good of a design if there was. The full black page grabs enough attention that other colors don’t need to do it.

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