I found two podcasts that sparked my interest: ‘Hard Pass‘ and ‘99% Invisible‘. I looked online to find ones that I might like to listen to and explored the lists compiled by other people and found more than just these two that I might like to explore later on. I had never really listened to podcasts before because I find visuals much more intriguing so it was a little bit hard for me to get into at first, but now that I gave it a shot, I can see myself listening in the future.

I listened to these two podcasts in my room while working, so they were on in the background of my daily routine.

‘Hard Pass’

Hard pass was my first podcast because I liked how short their episodes were. I was also genuinely interested because they share small bits of information and news at a time, which I found to keep my interest longer and better than the longer podcasts. ‘Hard Pass’ episodes are all around 6 minutes long, which is perfect for people with busy, on-the-go lives. The hosts are very conversational and laid-back (some f-bombs were dropped) which made it easy to listen to and absorb. Since it was so short, there were no interviews and it was pretty much just a conversation between the two hosts.

‘99% Invisible’

The subject matter of ‘99% Invisible‘┬áis what grabbed my attention. They focus on the design of anything and everything in daily life. The episode I listened to was about the design on US paper currency. These episodes were longer (the one I listened to was about 20 minutes and I found some that lasted up to an hour) than the other podcast I listened to. The presentation of this podcast was a lot more professional. There was background music and sound effects and it was much more produced than the other podcast. There were also a lot of clips from interviews in this podcast, which gave insight into other people’s thoughts other than just that of the host. I really enjoyed this podcast and how they explored a topic I’m really interested in (obviously) and I plan to listen to it again.

In conclusion, I think I will continue listening to podcasts and expanding my knowledge and view of the world. I plan to search for a better way to listen through an app on my phone so I can listen to my favorite podcasts when I’m not sitting in my room with my laptop.

I think podcasts have been underrated for a long time (and yes, I am guilty of this) but I would love to see them become more widely listened to and more respected as a form of media.

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